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5905 Lake Otis Parkway
Anchorage, AK 99507
Phone: 907-677-6633

Alaska Dinner Gift Registry
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Alaska Dinner Gift Registry

Current Gift Registries:

Alaska Dinner Factory


Supporting Friends by Providing Dinners

When you'd rather Give a meal than Make a meal.

We all know how helpful it is to provide a dinner to family or friends after a birth, illness, or surgery. Making and delivering the meal yourself isn't always possible - maybe you live out of state, or maybe you're just busy with work, kids and life! Alaska Dinner Factory has been serving pre-assembled dinners to overwhelmed families since 2006.

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We have 2 great ways to give:

Send a One-Time Gift!   Know a friend having a baby or going through a difficult time? We can deliver easy, pre-assembled dinners on your behalf.  Simply email us a request. We will send you an invoice and schedule a delivery from our in-stock inventory. 

1. Email us at
2. Subject line: Deliver to a Friend
3. Include:
-Name of recipient
-Phone number
-How many meals ($19 for each 3-serving or $35 for each 6-serving)
-Size of meals (small or large)
4. We'll email you an invoice
5. Once paid, we'll call the recipient to schedule the delivery


Set up a Registry!  Have friends wanting to pool together funds to send bigger meal packages? Request a free registry! We'll provide you with a link that you can give to family and friends from all over the world to donate funds towards dinners. 

1. Email us at
2. Subject line: Gift Registry
3. Include:
-Name of recipient
-Phone number
-Reason for registry
-How long should we run the campaign? 1 week? 1 month?
-Size of meals (small or large)
4. We'll send you a link to share with all their friends and family
5. We'll calculate weekly and call the recipient to schedule the delivery

$19 for each Small Entree (3-serving size)
$35 for each Large Entree (6-serving size)
$25 Delivery fee
$225 Package for 12 small or 6 large entrees, delivery included
$410 Package for 24 small or 12 large entrees, delivery included

Check our To-Go Freezer
Inventory subject to change

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