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Great Value! 

Here are the steps to make Cajun Shrimp & Grits:
  • Go to the store
  • Gather ingredients
  • Spend $47.87
  • Drive home & unload car
  • Combine ingredients
  • Clean up and wash dishes
  • Cook and finally enjoy

  • Sign up for Delivery Club starting at $4.62 per serving
  • Place order from computer
  • Receive delivery
  • Cook and enjoy more time with your family!

In an effort to show real savings,  here  is a quick comparison of some of our meals this month if you purchased the ingredients individually at the grocery store: 

Pasta Primavera
2 cups diced chicken for 6-servings
  • Grocery Store $49.65
  • Alaska Dinner Factory $27.69 for Delivery Club
Cajun Shrimp and Grits
1 lb. shrimp for 6-servings
  • Grocery Store $47.87
  • Alaska Dinner Factory $27.69 for Delivery Club   

Beef and Cheese Enchiladas
2 cups cooked ground beef for 6-servings
  • Grocery Store $44.15
  • Alaska Dinner Factory $27.69 for Delivery Club 

Chicken Scampi
1.5 lbs. chicken tenders for 6-servings
  • Grocery Store $38.38
  • Alaska Dinner Factory $27.69 for Delivery Club  

Join our Delivery Club - We'll assemble and deliver your meals to your house!!

Gluten-Free Possibilities

We have received many requests for Gluten-Free meals through the years. Although we are not a Gluten-Free facility, we have found that nearly half of our recipes contain either all gluten-free ingredients, or require only minor substitutions to make them that way.

Notice our Menus and the GF indications. We also have gluten free pasta available.

Alaska Dinner Factory


 Great Menus Made Easy

We make the task of figuring out what to make for dinner less daunting. It makes mealtime more manageable by putting things within your reach and on your terms. You'll love the convenience of having these nutritious, easy-to-cook meals on-hand in your refrigerator or freezer and ready-to-go when you are! We allow you to own mealtime instead of mealtime owning you !

May, 2022

Chicken Divan

Chicken, Chicken Divine! Boneless, skinless chicken bake in a 9x13 pan with broccoli, mushrooms, and a thick cheesy-creamy sauce. This is the way to get your kids to eat their veggies.

Rotini with Reindeer Sausage

Rotini with delicious sauce, oodles of cheese, and reindeer sausage will warm you up a chilly day. Fantastico! It will be packaged in a plastic bag.

Chicken Piccata

Lemon-y, garlic-y chicken breasts sautéed with artichokes, mushrooms, capers, and seasonings. It is just plain tasty, but just a warning - it is a little bit more of a grown-up flavor. We suggest you serve it with steamed veggies and rice pilaf - what a nice meal to share with guests. It will be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free.

Cheeseburger Soup

Do you want fries with that? Just kidding, but this soup is that good! The name says it all - it is a cheesy soup that tastes like a cheeseburger....we even suggest that you serve it with chopped pickles on top. Your kids will gobble this one up. It will be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free.

Savory Ginger Pork Tenderloin

Your entire family will love the subtle favors and have them asking for seconds! Pork tenderloin and onion wedges marinating in our tomato, ginger, soy sauce and served with pasta that we include. It will be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free with substitutions & AlaskaFit approved meal.

Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas

These buffalo do not have wings, but they do have all the sensational flavors you love in a good wing. Chicken with celery and carrots and sauce rolled up in tortillas and drenched with a zippy ranch-flavored sour cream concoction and smothered in cheese. Who wouldn't love that? It will be packaged in a 9x13 pan.

Beef Noodle Bowl

We start with beef strips and mix them up with broccoli and carrots. Then we drench all that with a tangy, teriyaki-ginger sauce and toss it with cooked pasta. This easy, Asian-inspired dish is sure to please. It will be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free with substitutions.

BBQ Flavored Pot Roast

Beef roast with celery, onions, and seasonings cook in a homemade barbecue sauce in your slow cooker. When you come home at night the aroma of dinner will greet you! It will be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free.

Savory Breakfast Sandwiches
Ham and cheddar sammies baked in a savory egg mixture makes this an easy, fun breakfast!

Honey Mustard Meatloaf

We start with a classic meatloaf consisting of ground beef, diced onion, breadcrumbs, Worcestershire sauce, and seasonings. Then you'll top if with a tangy sauce that will keep your family going back for more! It will be packaged in a 9x13 pan.- - Gluten Free with substitutions.

Chicken Penne in Pesto Sauce
A creamy pesto sauce will coat white chicken tenders and pasta with every bite! We add broccoli and diced tomatoes to round out to a complete meal. This easy dinner will be served in 20 minutes! It will be packaged in a bag.- - Gluten Free with substitutions.

Cajun Shrimp and Grits
Sauteed shrimp seasoned with Cajun, butter, lemon, garlic, and bacon top our three-cheese grits. Tastes like New Orleans! Packaged in a plastic bag.

Blueberry Cobbler
This scrumptious dessert was quickly devoured! Gooey blueberries bubble under a sweet cobbler batter. Great warm or at room temperature..….make sure you’ve got vanilla ice cream on hand!

Tex Mex Potato Skins
What a fun night having potato skins for dinner! You'll fill empty potato shells with our tex-mex mix of seasoned beef, black beans, corn, salsa and cheese. Add more cheese and bake! It will be packaged in a bag and is Gluten Free.

June, 2022

Teriyaki London Broil

Perfect for the summer grill at your next deck party! This London Broil marinates in a teriyaki blend that includes garlic, ginger, and brown sugar. It will be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free with substitutions.

Summertime Grilling - Balsamic Chicken

Summertime in up those grills! Alaska Dinner Factory is proud to kick off summer with our summertime grilling assortment. You will get six boneless, skinless chicken breasts that will soak in our balsamic marinade and be ready for your grill. Also included is a vegetable side. It will be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free & AlaskaFit approved meal.

Tuscan-Style Mozzarella Stuffed Burgers

A tailgaters treat! Hamburgers on the classy-side. These burgers are mixed up with Parmesan cheese, sun dried tomatoes, onion, and seasonings and are stuffed with our popular mozzarella cheese. A burger that is exploding with flavor and cheese. Wow your buddies with these at your next barbecue! They include buns and will be packaged in a 9x13 pan. - Gluten Free with substitutions.

Beef and Cheese Enchiladas

These great enchiladas are filled with beef, cheese, green chilies, olives, and seasoning. They are then covered with a traditional red sauce and smothered with more cheese. You know your kids are going to love these! It will be packaged in a 9x13 pan.

Grilled Chicken Fajitas

Yo quiero these fajitas! They are a snap to cook in a skillet or throw on the grill depending on weather. Chicken tenders seasoned to your family's tastes with sweet peppers, onions, cheese, and tortillas. This meal will take under 20 minutes to prepare once you get it home. It will be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free with substitutions.

Lemon Chicken Pasta

This pasta dish has a creamy lemon flavor and is packed with broccoli, mushrooms, peas, and chicken. A nice fast and light meal for your busy summer nights. It will be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free with substitutions.

Coconut Curry Chicken

Let's head to the tropics with this curried chicken dish that simmers in coconut milk, onions, tomatoes, and peas. It will include rice and be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free.

Creamy Chicken Crepes

Chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions rolled in light crepes, smothered with a creamy sauce and a pinch of Parmesan. We couldn't get enough! It will be packaged in a 9x13 pan.

Citrus Scallops and Couscous
This light dish has summer written all over it and is perfect for nights you need something quick! Scallops, peas, a touch of citrus and a hint of sweet is served over a bed of couscous. - Gluten Free with substitutions

Dijon Pork Tenderloin
Your entire family will love this and be looking for more! Our tender pork cooks in your skillet and is served over pasta with a zesty Dijon and sherry-cream sauce. This will be your new favorite! - Gluten Free with substitutions
Summertime Grilling - TSTE® Pork Chops

*NEW* We’re starting a new summer tradition using exclusive spice blends from The Spice & Tea Exchange® located on O’Malley Road. We’re pairing their Backwoods Hickory Rub with our marinating pork chops for a smoky flavor perfect for your grill! Also included is a vegetable side.

Tamale Pie

Classic tamale flavors of beef, black beans, onion, corn and olives in a seasoned tomato sauce. Then a small layer of cheese lies under our homemade cornbread topping. Get ready to make this a family favorite!

Bistro Chicken

This Italian-inspired chicken will simmer in a sauce of tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, celery and spices. Serve over pasta that we include. This is a great weeknight dinner that the whole family will love! Gluten-free with substitutions.

Individual Key Lime Pies
This is our new summertime favorite! Both tart and sweet with a wonderful zing that only key limes can provide. A large will include 18 individual, pre-formed, mini pie crusts that you fill with smooth key lime filling.

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