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5905 Lake Otis Parkway
Anchorage, AK 99507
Phone: 907-677-6633

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Alaska Dinner Factory


Great Side Dishes

Complete your meals with our delicious sides!  Available in our To-Go Freezer and subject to stock on hand.  Delivery Club members can simply add sides to their orders for delivery that month! 

Almond Broccoli - This is one of our original sides.  Simple steamed broccoli is spruced up by adding lemon pepper and sliced almonds. 
Cranberry Pecan Green Beans - This is one of our original sides.  Simple steamed green beans are spruced up by adding crasins and pecans. 
Parmesan Seasoned Corn on the Cob - This is a summer-only side! Fresh corn on the cob slathered with our creamy Parmesan mixture and wrapped in foil ready for your grill or oven. 
Cheesy Broccoli - Your kids are going to love this no-frills dish of broccoli cuts mixed with a creamy cheese sauce! 
Green Beans with Bacon - A new runaway favorite!  Green beans in a light sauce consisting of both sweet and savory are topped with bacon! 
Baby Bakers - This is a fun, simple pan of miniature bakers that are lightly oiled and seasoned to perfection! 
Rosemary Cheese Mashed Potatoes - These dressed-up mashed potatoes have the classic taste of rosemary and garlic, along with the creaminess that comes with a touch of mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. 
Loaded Potato Bake - This is like a loaded baked potato in a pan!  Cheese, bacon and sour cream make for an amazing creamy potato casserole! 
Mushroom Orzo - Our all-time favorite catering side is now available to round out your family's dinner!  Orzo pasta, mushrooms and a creamy sauce will soon be your favorite too! 
Garlic Bread - Classic and quick!  Our house-made garlic butter spread makes each bite filled with flavor.  You'll always want extra of these easy and versatile sides in your freezer! 
Chocolate Chip Cookies - 18 pre-formed cookies!  Whether you bake them all at once, or enjoy only a couple of cookies out of the fresh baked oven at a time - you'll be happy to have this stash in your freezer! 
Scones with Cinnamon Honey Butter - 3 scones fresh from your oven, to be topped with our house-made Cinnamon Honey Butter Compound!  These are a new runaway hit that we can't stop eating.  There are 3 to choose from!  Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon, White Chocolate Raspberry. 

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